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Natural Food Supplement for babies

Preparation and Directions of Usage:

  • 1. Mix thoroughly in water and stir well by keeping on fire. Allow it to boil for three minutes.

  • 2. Do not add sugar instead add sweetex or Khadi Kraft Honey.

An excellent home made hygienic product specially prepared for babies ( First Month onwards) Highly recommended for children during diarrhoea. Sugar and Milk to be avoided during diarrhoea. It can also be consumed by growing children.

GEETH will not constipate diarrhoea.


30 Days Baby:2 tsp,200ml of Boiled water,Stir,Keep on fire,Add Sweetex or Khadhi kraft Honey only.

5 Months        : 4 tsp,400 ml of Boiled water, Stir, Keep on fire, Add Milk and Sugar.Relax and enjoy.