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High Energy, High Protien, Vitamins and Mineral Suuplement

Preparation and Directions of Usage:

  • 1. Start feeding babies from their 5th month as a porridge.

  • 2. Dissolve two table spoons of POSHAK with 200ml water and stir well by keeping fire. When it boils bring down, add hot or cold milk and sugar, according to taste. This becomes a special Drink to anyone at anytime for the family.

  • 3. Same way POSHAK can be cooked and used with butter milk and salt instead of milk and sugar.

One cup of POSHAK Provides approximately 200 calories. POSHAK is prepared exactly the way you do everything at home.


5 Months : 4 tsp,200 ml of Boiled water,stir,Keep on fire,Sugar and Milk..

Elders       : 2 tsp,200 ml of Boiled water, Stir, Keep on fire, Add Milk and Sugar. Relax and enjoy.